Halloween Decorating

We are always talking BIG at Southern Accents. We have lots of builders and designers coming by for new construction or remodeling. Some of my favorite customers are the ones that come through looking for one special thing. Sometimes they have no idea what that item is. I love helping them find it! Repurposing is one of my most favorite things to do.

For instance, using a window as a window is very smart. Using an old window for decoration or a picture frame is very fun! Halloween is the perfect time to dig out an old window or come to Southern Accents to dig through our HUGE selection of windows! I honestly couldn’t even guess how many we have. It would take me all day to count them! I am going back to the warehouse this afternoon to find one. The perfect one. I want to place it over my mantel for Halloween! I can’t wait to find a few spooky things to go with it. I think I will go to Spirit and get the fake spider webs and a few bats to add to the ambiance of it. I have a Halloween banner that I made last year. That will have to go on the mantel somewhere. I may even find an old set of shutters. What if you had some old pictures you could add? Maybe they could be peeking out from behind the shutters. You know what kind of old pictures I’m talking about, right? The ones where no one is smiling? Yeah, why didn’t they smile? I hate pictures where no one is smiling.

I’ve been digging around the web, looking at some of my favorite bloggers this weekend and getting very inspired. There is so much inspiration out there. I can’t wait to share!

Just a couple of ideas to get you started. If you are in the area or need a field trip, come visit our great city. You can have lunch and stop by the store!

308 Second Ave. SE
Cullman, Alabama 35055
Local: 256-737-0554
Showroom Assistance: 877-737-0554
Fax: 256-737-0375
Hours: Mon – Fri, 9:00am to 5:00pm
Saturdays 10:00 am to 4:00 pm CST
E-Mail info@sa1969.com


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