O’Henry’s Coffee

We are often working with different restaurants. Sometimes they are existing and need a face lift. Most of the time, they are new restaurants or opening new locations. We specialize in salvaged items. This makes for a great cozy feeling in a restaurant. Most establishments want you to feel at home and “comfortable” in their space. We have used everything from salvaged wood on the floors and ceilings to ceiling tiles and old wooden doors hanging on the walls.

O’Henry’s is a coffee shop in Birmingham, Alabama. Actually, they have 4 locations. The newest member to the family is at Brookwood. This location is amazing. They needed essential things like flooring and walls and we helped them find unique pieces like these doors hanging from chains! I love the way this wall turned out! All three doors are similar in style. The bright colors make them each unique. They are all different sizes, too!

The wainscoting on the back of the booths is from an old gym floor. You can see the red paint in some of the pieces. It’s also in the bottom of each chair of the booth. The tables are all different doors. Each one is very unique. You can see the leg of the table on the right is an old post. So much character in one place!

We did the antique mantel and the newel post in this picture. Doesn’t this look like a great place to have a cup of joe?

The old door and the trim for the bathroom was done at Southern Accents. Notice the wainscoting, again…..gym flooring!

On the back patio, you will see a pergola that was built by Ryan Walker. Ryan does timber framing. He did an incredible job on this. Notice how the top rafters are chamfered. This is a new word for me. I had to look it up in the dictionary. Here’s what I got….and I love it!

1. To cut off the edge or corner of; bevel.
2. To cut a groove in; flute.

1. A flat surface made by cutting off the edge or corner of a block of wood or other material.
2. A furrow or groove, as in a column.
He built the pieces to this structure at one of our warehouses and brought it all to Birmingham to put together. I think I will go and sit in one of those green chairs with my coffee! Who wants to meet me there?

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