Industrial Carts…..the new coffee table!

I fell in love with these industrial carts the minute I saw them. They have so much character! I love the way the wood has so much wear and tear. These babies have been working! Look at the hardware! It’s so chunky and heavy. I love that the wheels will move. You can just use it as an industrial cart in your own home! Move that furniture….it’s been in that position for, like, 2 months already!!

You can see how strong the wheels are in this photo. I’m pretty sure I could move the couch with this thing……

I just love all the detail on this end of the cart. It’s just fun to look at……go ahead, take a peek!

I  know you want one. I NEED one! We just got rid of the “coffee table” we had….it was literally falling apart. I can’t wait to load it up in my car tomorrow. Kolby, get it ready!

Here are the details for your custom coffee table. Call the store and we can hold one for you!

Custom Coffee Tables
Southern Accents has acquired a large grouping of matching dock carts made of white oak with heavy duty perforated cast iron truck or cart wheels. The factory floor transfer carts or trucks were used in material handling throughout the factory and/or near loading docks. Manufactured by Wilkesboro Lineberry, Inc., SC. The surface areas contain a great distressed and aged patina from years of heavy use or can be sandblasted and oiled to customer specs. These carts can come stationary or free moving.

Dimensions: Each cart measures approx. 4′ in length by 27″ in width by 15″ in height
Price: Carts sandblasted and refinished – $725.00 each
Carts in rough with clear coat – $525.00 each

One more idea before I let you go……kitchen island….this could be the base, add something cool on top for the legs and then place a butcher block on top! Perfect cart for the kitchen….move it wherever you need it! Ugh!!! Now I need 2!

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