Christmas is around the corner!

Well, we are on the down stretch to Christmas! Only a few days left for shopping and then the festivities begin! We have had multiple photo shoots here at the store for Christmas cards. The very talented Audrey Land has been in a couple of times to take pictures of some beautiful families! Maybe you will get a card with a picture in the mail! I hope I do!

The wood shop has been busy, as well. They are working like santa’s elves to get some last minute gift ideas ready for those hard-to-buy people on your list. I know they are working on bead board frames from the Tuscaloosa County school that is being torn down. We are doing a huge project with the Alabama Alumni group for their scholarship fund….more on that later!

I have been using these little wood trees all over my house for decoration. On Tuesday, you can enter to win one of these trees on two different blogs! That’s right, there are two giveaways. Check in at Lucysinspired and 3qtguys for your chance to win!

They have so much character! Some are made from bead board, some from fluted trim pieces, then you have the ones made from the louvers from old shutters. I have one that has the fluted trim. I added nails to the tree to hang ornaments! These are in keeping with the vintage look. I have been collecting vintage glass ornaments and these cute little wood ornaments. They look like old toys. LOVE them!

You can also pick up ornaments made from bead board. How cute are these? They are the perfect hostess gift! Pick up one to tie to a bottle of wine or just wrap a couple together to take to Christmas parties this weekend!

Check out “The Garage” next time you are in the store. We have a section on the back of the store that will be our Garage Sale. You can find items that are marked down and items that we bought a big quantities of….so, they can be sold at a better price! You can drive around back and see “The Garage” from the street. On a pretty day, there will be cool items sitting on the sidewalk. Don’t forget to come inside. There’s always something fun to see!!

12 responses to “Christmas is around the corner!

  • Mandy Johnson

    Those trees are the BEST! I love them! I was thinking it would be very cool to have a huge one by the front door, and screw lots of vintage door knobs into it to look like ornaments. I think I will start looking for doorknobs…I have a bit of a thing for them.
    Great ideas on here. I want to come see the store one day soon.

  • Kelly Clark

    The trees are gorgeous! They show so much personality. Oh the many things I’d love to do with one. But how can I choose. I love how you have hung ornaments on there like you have. I’m also in love with your picture frames.

  • Andrea S.

    I LOVE these trees. I also need to make a trip up there one of these days w/a truck to buy some salvaged wood for my signs! 🙂 Love your stuff!

  • Kerry

    Love the trees, so unique and can’t walk by them without stopping to look!

    • Kerry

      …and Lucy I do believe one of the trees with some knobs attached across the bottom would make a great bag holder or towel holder or something holder!

  • Elizabeth Bailey

    I love your selection of old doors, shutters, and mantles. You have me dreaming of new photography backdrops I would like to create.

  • Virginia

    I love all of the old wood. I would love to use them to paint on!

  • Linh C

    I’d use the pulls as handles on a piece of salvaged wood to make a tray.

  • Paige Meyer

    Love the reclaimed wood frames! My parents just tore down a farm house in East Tn. that my dad grew up in. I’m hoping to get some of the wood to have a frame or a table made….. Love the Christmas trees….I would wind christmas lights around on nails maybe!

  • Molly

    I LOVE these trees! I need about 10 of them for my house! But most importantly Lucy and Garlan…lets get to work on getting me a door! This has been a 2 year lazy project and I’m ready to FINALLY follow through! I love all of the custom doors! You two pick me out a good one! Oh…and I need some cabinet knobs…and an iron gate when I get my fence…oh…and…I can keep going on and on here!!!

  • Mary Morris

    These trees are perfect! What a great idea! Love them! Cheers, Mary

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