Truckload of Doors!

Sometimes, we go out and find the pieces that you see at the store. Sometimes, someone just brings all the goodness to us! This week a guy came by with a truck full of doors! We LOVE doors. It’s amazing how many different reasons people have to buy doors. We sell to crafters, home improvement, furniture making, just because I love it’ers, and then there are those that really just need a door for their house for the reason that it was created in the first place!

We got in a door for each of type this week! When we post chippy paint doors on Facebook, we always get a HUGE response! If they are colorful, we sell them immediately. If they are just chippy white doors, it takes a day….sometimes two! They have to be the most popular item we have. It helps that you can go to Pinterest and find a really cool idea for that chippy paint door! I could digress right here and talk about how much I love Pinterest….but, I will save that for another day!

Let’s look at some of the doors we got in this week!

This 5 panel is very popular in the table, headboard, bench, chalboard-making group!

A door with a unique color is coveted by the photographer set! It makes a great backdrop!

These doors have a little color and can bring some fun personality to a party or wedding!

I LOVE these pocket doors…I want some in my house! Wouldn’t they be great for a master bath? Ok, don’t like these too much. They may be going to my house!

This is a group of chippy doors we got in on this truckload. That mustard color one will go FAST….get them while you can!

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