A Window

I walked into the store last week and behind the counter was the most beautiful window I had ever seen! I love texture. I will just collect windows and doors because they have beautiful textured glass in them. What do I do with them? Ha, just lean them up against the wall! I found this beauty and decided I had to have it! I would love to incorporate it into a home some day. I just worry that we will sell it and the window will have to stay…..it would be weird if there were a hole, right? So, it will probably always be a decorative piece. When I saw this window it reminded me of one that I saw many years ago and did not buy. Regret. It always happens that way, doesn’t it? You don’t buy something and you regret it. Do you ever buy things you regret you bought? I do…..but, not this window. I was not going to let it go! I wasn’t even going to haggle on the price! I had to have it! My first thoughts were to hang it in front of the window over my kitchen sink. This way I could see it every time I walked into the kitchen or was sitting at my desk working (the kitchen table ;)). That would require going to the hardware store and getting hooks and chain and then making a burlap cover to go over the chain…..who has the time for that? I do wish I did!

I cleaned it up….it was SO dirty. It’s pretty fragile, too. I was worried about just leaving it laying around while I procrastinated going to the hardware store. I decided it could sit on my mantel with another textured window that has been up there for several years! I dug around the garage and found a few more cool pieces that were waiting for a place to live and came up with this! I really love it. It is in our keeping room that is right off the kitchen….so, I see it every morning and can see it from my “desk”! Of course, I Instagrammed it, ’cause that’s the cool thing to do!


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