Gone Picking!

Many of you are probably familiar with the television show American Pickers on the History Channel. Garlan Gudger, Sr. was ahead of his time when he began picking in 1969! Garlan Jr. has been doing a little picking of his own lately. Although our business centers primarily on salvaging architectural antiques, we do enjoy rummaging through old junk and walking away with some really cool finds. Our New Arrivals page currently displays items that Garlan and Amy picked up during a recent trip to Georgia. Hearing of an old salvage store that was going out of business, they quickly headed east to check out the treasures.

Last week found Garlan and Shane in Philly, Baltimore and Washington D.C. They brought back antique doors, iron gates, trim and more! We anxiously awaited on this sneak peek of some of their fantastic finds (pictured)! Their haul made it back to Cullman and the items have been unloaded and pictured. A few have already been posted online with many more to come. Some items need a few repairs while others have gone directly to our restoration shop where they will be fully restored. These items will make their appearance online once they’ve had their makeover!

As much as we love ‘picking’, we also love seeing the incredibly creative things our customers do with our finds. We purchase pieces that we think have the potential of being given a new life, re-purposed into a useful item or beautiful work of art. We see the possibilities but it is our customers who constantly amaze us with your creativity. We can’t wait to see what you do with our picks and love getting your ‘after’ pictures! Watch the New Arrivals page where our latest discoveries will make their debut! In the mean time, visit the Our Story page and read all about how Dr. Gudger turned his love of rescuing and restoring architectural salvage into what has grown to be one of the largest stores in the nation.

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