Shut the front door!

What is it about doors? We wait at the door, have closed door meetings, open door policies, next door neighbors and continually look for those doors of opportunity. Doors represent a point of transition that take us from one environment to another. We have noticed a growing fascination with old doors. They represent a piece of history. It’s not just the piece of wood that marks the entrance to a building but the passage of those who have entered the building that fascinates our imagination.

If you read last week’s newsletter or blog you already know that we just returned from Pennsylvania with a trailer load of salvaged items, including over 35 doors! We are in the process of adding the doors to our website. Each door will be listed with an ‘as is’ price as well as a ‘restored’ price. All of the doors have been taken to our restoration shop where one-by-one they will be cleaned or stripped and sanded. Once they have undergone a makeover they will be listed at the restored price only.

We’re seeing a growing trend… doors used for all types of crafting projects. Currently, our most popular doors are the chippy painted, shabby chic style doors of which we have a large, varied selection! Visit our Pinterest page and you’ll see some of the fabulous things being created with old doors. Doors turned into headboards, shelves, porch swings, wall paneling, cupboards, chalkboards, tables and more. We’ve posted so many ideas to get your creative juices flowing!

Southern Accents houses the best selection of salvaged doors in the South East. We have well over 3,000 salvage doors ranging in price from $30 to $17,000. Our selection includes a wide variety of wood species, styles, and colors for interior as well as exterior use. We have tackled residential projects where each door in the house was different and unique. We’ve also worked on large commercial projects, custom building doors from salvage wood so that each door was uniform in design. Whether your door project is large or small… we can help!

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