Flea Market Style

We just picked up the latest edition of Flea Market Style magazine. All we can say is LOVE!!! If you don’t have a copy run out and get one! We picked ours up at our local Wal-Mart. Flip to page 29 and you’ll see an incredible storage bench made from a paneled wood door. They’ve added salvaged back plates and door knobs to one end, providing a great place to hang totes, scarves, handbags, etc. Guess who has tons of salvaged paneled doors, back plates and knobs… WE DO!!!

Just last week we posted a fabulous antique wooden ladder to our New Arrivals page. The latest edition of this magazine gives us 8 pages of terrific ideas on what to do with old ladders! Yes, 8 full pages, beginning on page 58! They have turned old wooden ladders into a headboard for a bed, tables, shelving, a display rack, and more.

We can’t say enough about how much we adore this magazine. We are still pouring through it’s pages. We often have customers who will see an item in our store that they absolutely love but they don’t quite know what to do with it. This publication has given us some wonderful ideas on how to re purpose salvaged items like some of what we have available in our store. Better yet… they even give us step-by-step directions for a few of their featured projects, including the storage bench.

Keep an eye on our blog as we have our own project that we are working on! As soon as it is complete we will be posting pictures as well as directions here!


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