Junking Survival Guide

We ran across this picture last week and found it quite humorous, primarily because this could be one of our customers! We have had good folks show up in a Volkswagen and try to figure out how they can use it to transport a door or bathtub. This lead’s us to this week’s question.

Q. I’m ready to go junking. What do I take with me?

A. At the top of our list would be a truck, however, this guy should have taken a bigger truck! Before starting your venture you need to give thought to the notion that although you may not be looking for furniture or large sized items, there’s a good possibility that you will come across a large ‘must have’ item. How will you get it home? You need to be prepared to transport a large item just in case. Making a separate trip later to transport might cause you to decide to walk away from a really great find. You also need to have blankets, rope, and anything you may need to pack and secure your new found treasures.

2) Having cash on hand is a must. The obvious reason being that many sellers may not be set up to accept credit cards and may be hesitant to accept a check. However, the main reason to carry cash is because it is a great bartering tool. Many sellers expect buyers to try and negotiate the price. Offering a cash payment can sometimes get you that discount!

Speaking of discounts… if you have a smartphone and ‘check in’ on Facebook when you enter our store, you can receive a 10% discount on your purchase of any regular priced items (delivery and woodshop services excluded)!! All you have to do is pull up facebook on your smartphone and show us that you’ve checked in at Southern Accents. How easy is that?

3) Other items that can definitely come in handy: measuring tape, magnifying glass, flashlight, calculator, notebook and pen. You may need a magnifying glass to look at small details or inscriptions. When considering large items you need to know if they will fit into your available space before making the purchase. Keeping a notebook or journal is a great way to keep track of information you may gather from a seller. Asking questions and recording any available information could be useful in tracking the history or provenance of an item. This information may also be beneficial if you decide to resell down the road. Log each item along with the name and contact information of the seller, the price paid, and any other important or interesting information you are able to obtain. If the end of the day finds your truck loaded down, you won’t remember where you scored all those hard-to-pass-up treasures!

Taking a little time to plan your trips and being well prepared before embarking on them will lend itself to a fun and successful junking adventure!

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