Take Me Down To The Little White Church!

One of the most fulfilling tasks that we undertake at Southern Accents is going out on a salvage job. Once we purchase salvage rights to a building that has been scheduled for demolition, we go in and take everything that we deem reusable. One of our favorite salvage expeditions to date was Center Methodist Church in Shelbyville, Tennessee.

Southern Accents Architectural Antiques

Center Methodist Church, Shelbyville, Tennessee

This little, white, one room church was built in 1887 by German Morgan and his son on land that had been donated almost 50 years earlier by a man named Michael Holt. The building was expanded in 1963 when Sunday School rooms were added. By 2008 the little building was no longer in use and found itself sitting on private property. The property owner had concerns about safety as well as vandalism which lead to his decision to have the structure removed.

Southern Accents Architectural Antiques

Southern Accents Salvage of Center Methodist Church.

Southern Accents purchased the salvage rights and was thrilled to discover that we were able to salvage almost every piece of the building for re use.

Oil Chandelier from Shelbyville, Tennessee

Oil Chandelier from Shelbyville, Tennessee

Our favorite item from the church was this incredible three tier oil chandelier. The picture above shows the original light as it hung in the church on the left. The picture on the right is the light as it hangs in our showroom. The bottom is a picture of a wooden board that was found by the owner while tearing out the walls. One of the names on the board is Mrs. Sue Riggs Gill and the date 1887. Mrs. Gill donated the oil chandelier which was later converted to electric and used until the building was taken down in 2008. The detailing on this unique light is magnificent! The original shades were removed and stored for safe keeping.

Southern Accents Architectural Antiques

Closeup of gas chandelier.

We love uncovering and preserving historical content. Being able to trace the history of an item and pass it on to the new owner is the most exciting aspect of what we do. This light currently hangs above the staircase in our showroom and is available for purchase. Visit our website to view details and pricing information on this unique light.

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