A Way Of Life

cullmanadThose of us past a certain age have most certainly started more than a few sentences with, “When I was young…” For example, when I was young, we didn’t have trash pickup. We took what little trash there was to the burn pile. We didn’t burn much because there was little waste. Most of our food came from the garden or the pasture. Many of the items that were purchased from the grocery store were packaged in reusable containers such as cloth sacks or glass jars. Most everything was recycled… we just weren’t aware of the fact that we were recycling. Recycling was not something that we thought about. It was simply a way of life. Nothing went to waste. Today a garbage truck hauls off several large bags of trash from my home each week. When did we turn into a throw-away society?

Working in an architectural salvage business has made me more aware of the things that I do throw away. The phrase “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure” has taken on a whole new meaning. I now feel a pang of guilt over those old wooden shutters I pulled off my house a few years back and tossed. They could have been repurposed into some really cool items. I look at doors, floors and light fixtures in a whole new way. If something is broken, fix it. If it can’t be fixed, find another use for it. Recycling is not a new concept… it is a former way of life that we have traded in for the conveniences of a fast paced society. Those conveniences are slowly filling up our landfills and polluting our environment. Reduce, reuse, recycle is not a new concept… it is one that we need to readopt.

Southern Accents has been in the recycling business for 44 years. We were green before “being green” was cool! We’ve been saving and salvaging architectural elements since the 1960’s. What started out as hobby, over the years, has grown into the largest collection of architectural antiques in the Southeast. “We save old stuff” is not just our motto, it is our way of life.

Our customers, who come to us from across the country, recognize the need to be environmentally friendly. They are keenly aware of the difference just one person can make. They appreciate the charm and patina created only by time. They are also conscious of the importance of preserving elements of historical content for future generations to enjoy. Without them, we could not continue doing what we love. With them, together, we can continue to make a difference… one salvaged item at a time!

If you’ve never been to Southern Accents showroom, we invite you to stop in for a visit or browse our website. Take a look at the beautiful and unique finds that we’ve collected and join with us in our effort to make a difference. Consider reusing or repurposing salvaged architectural items for your next project.

Written By: Lisa Jones

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