Salvaged Art

With the holiday season upon us, most of us are probably in the process of making out our shopping list. An architectural salvage store is a great place to shop for gift items… especially if you are looking for unique, one-of-a-kind gifts! We have a working relationship with several incredibly talented, local artists. We are continually blown away by their creativity. These artists turn salvaged items, scraps of wood, stone, tile, tin, hardware, etc. into beautiful works of art. Each piece of artwork is unique and the styles vary greatly from each artist. We want you to meet a few of the artists and invite you to stop by Southern Accents showroom to shop our unique collection of gift items!

Mickey Davis grew up in a small town and credits his indulgent neighbor, Mrs. Applewhite, for encouraging his creativity as a child. By providing him with his own box of parts and pieces she expanded his imagination with stories that transformed the junk into treasures. Mickey works a full time job, but finds time to spend each day creating art from other people’s discards.

Mickey Davis

Salvaged artwork from Mickey Davis

James & Natalie Stevens both grew up in their father’s wood shops. After an unsuccessful search for unique artwork to hang on the walls of their new home, they decided to make their own. Not only were they pleased with the results, but thoroughly enjoyed the process. They work together to turn reclaimed materials, antiques, and generally rustic items into modern works of art.


Christmas tree ornaments made from salvaged wood by James & Natalie Stevens

Mellissa Meeks is a self-taught artist whose work reflects warmth, spontaneity and a whimsical nature. Mellissa has created several original pieces of art work for Southern Accents. Most recently she has merged her love of salvaged items and antiques into unique folk art pieces. Mellissa loves giving back to the community and has worked diligently with Southern Accents to help raise money for SA323, our newly found non-profit organization.


Original folk art from artist Mellissa Meeks

Russ & Erin Bloxham Curtis are a husband and wife team who founded Boy Meets Girl in 2010. They work together to transform architectural salvage into unique, functional, and one of a kind home decor. From barn wood growth charts to IPad holders from shutter hinges, it is fun to see these artists creativity come to life!


Salvaged art items from Russ & Erin Bloxham Curtis

Mandy Phillips is an artist who is inspired by the impressions that seem irrelevant to our society. Intrigued by raw simplicity, the connection of colors, and lines that traverse the normal, Mandy’s artistic impressions is a natural fit for Southern Accents. She sees beauty in the old and patinaed… just as we do.


Original artwork from artist Mandy Phillips

Join Southern Accents on Friday, December 6th for our Christmas Open House. We will have coffee and light refreshments from 9:00 am – 1:00  pm. You will be able to browse our great selection of unique, one-of-a-kind gift items as well as meet several of our artisans. Visit us on Facebook and watch for more details coming soon!

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