Gifts From The Heart

Gifts From The Heart

Southern Accents Architectural AntiquesRecently Southern Accents has been in the process of salvaging an 1870’s house. Stored in the attic were boxes of scrap fabrics along with several old quilts, each one meticulously stitched by hand. The quilts remind me of the quilts my grandmother use to make. I can still remember the large wooden quilting frame that was secured safely to her ceiling. Once she had stitched all of the small fabric scraps, fashioning them in to one large piece,the frame was lowered. The quilt top and bottom were secured and tightly stretched across the wood frame. She would then begin the tedious task of quilting the pieces together. Most of her quilts did not contain fancy or intricate patterns nor were they made with perfectly coordinating fabrics. They were scrap quilts constructed from fabrics that had been used to make clothing for her family. Those quilts, although not considered very pretty, served their purpose… they made me feel warm and secure on many a cold night.

Looking at the tattered quilts I realize that the efforts of my grandmother were gifts from the heart. Each piece of fabric held a sweet memory, each stitch carefully made with love. I have no doubt that she prayed over each child, grandchild, family member and friends as she sat, needle and thread in hand, fabrics laid across her lap. These quilts serve as a reminder of why we at Southern Accents do what we do. Working to rescue, restore and protect items of historical significance is a gift from our hearts. It is one way that we can help to preserve our history, so that it may continue to serve as a reminder of the things that are truly important in life. It’s not the gifts purchased, wrapped and placed under the tree. It is time spent and attention given to family and friends. It is hard work, sacrifices made, acts of kindness shown to those in need.

During this Christmas season our wish is that you may experience a gift from the heart, either given or received. 2013 has been a year rich with blessings. We are thankful for you, our customers. You allow us to continue doing what we truly love. We look forward to a new year and all that it has to offer.

Merry Christmas from the Southern Accents Team!

After reading this blog post, Jane-Ann Heitmueller shared her beautiful poem with us. It fit so perfectly with our story that we wanted to share. Enjoy!

Heirloom Treasure
By Jane-Ann Heitmueller

To some they seemed just scraps and pieces Grandma tucked away
deep in her bag of remnants from our families’ work and play.
A plethora of textures, colors, patterns, sizes, shapes,
from Grandpa’s tattered overalls, to Aunt Sue’s flowered drapes.

She kept my sister’s red plaid dress, my brother’s checked pants,
the satin dress my mama wore to her first high school dance.
Saved were old worn out tablecloths and faded aprons, too.
That scrap bag held a rainbow filled with yellow, green and blue.

With patience and rare diligence she worked her skillful art,
as Grandma cut and placed and stitched each precious fabric part.
She labored on through summer’s heat and fall’s fast ebbing light,
determined to complete her task by Christmas morn so bright.

Each square reflected cherished years…
Sweet memories to share…
Grandma’s heartfelt and special way to show her love and care.

Article Written by: Lisa Jones
Southern Accents Webmaster/Marketing

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