“Wood” You Marry Me?

What is it about a stack of salvaged barn wood that would warrant a husband choosing it as an anniversary gift for his wife? We were elated to read a story this week from one of our customers, Stephen Smith. Stephen and his wife Michele traveled from Bohannon Ford, Alabama to Cullman this past Saturday with a specific goal in mind: a visit to Southern Accents wood warehouse! Celebrating their 26th anniversary, instead of jewelry, Michele asked for wood… not just any wood, but specifically old barn wood with loads of character!

Southern Accents Architectural AntiquesThe Smith’s had spent years trying to decide what to do with a 9 foot wide accent wall in their kitchen. Having made the decision to cover the wall with old wood, they embarked on a mission to find the perfect covering. Their trip to Southern Accents could not have been timed any better! Upon arriving at our wood warehouse they immediately spotted a stack of gray barn wood with a hint of white paint still hanging on to the boards. They shared their project plans with SA team member Justin who showed them several available wood options, but they kept going back to that first stack. As it turns out, that stack of barn wood had just been unloaded. Stephen and Michele were also fortunate enough to be able to gather a little history on the 112 year old wood from the man who salvaged it!

The salvaged wood chosen for the Smith’s kitchen wall project came from a 1902 barn that a few days prior had stood on a farm in Ada, Ohio. As Stephen began measuring and cutting the lap board siding for his wall, he discovered writing on the back of one of the boards. The penciled marks read “corn planter for drilling” along with a planting chart. Were these notes written over 100 years ago by the barns original owner or are the scribblings more recent? Either way, it is a clear note from a hard working farmer who surely treasured his barn. The discovery of this marking only added character to this prized stack of wood.

The markings on this piece of siding from the 1902 barn only adds character.

The markings on this piece of siding from the 1902 barn only adds character.

Project complete, Stephen and Michele’s kitchen wall looks fabulous! We thank them for sharing their story and pictures. If you visit Southern Accents on Facebook, look for Stephen’s full story posted on our timeline.

The Smith's finished barn wood kitchen wall looks fabulous!

The Smith’s finished barn wood kitchen wall looks fabulous!

We invite you to visit our wood warehouse and let us show you our incredible selection of salvaged wood. One of our knowledgable team members can help you pick out the perfect stack for your next project! Our wood warehouse is open Tuesday – Friday from 9 am till 5 pm and Saturday from 10 am till 4 pm.

Pictures used courtesy of Stephen V. Smith

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