What’s Your Canvas?

Southern Accents famous salvaged wood wall!

Speak of artwork and the vision that pops into most people’s mind would be that of a framed canvas, hanging on a wall, showcasing a beautiful scene or portrait created by an artist via the use of brushes and paints. While a canvas may be the most recognized medium for artwork, art takes on many different forms and the canvas could be just about anything! Photographers, wood workers, sculptors, welders, musicians, chefs and other creatives are producing exquisite works of art from some of the most unlikely mediums.

If you are a regular reader of our weekly newsletter or have visited our showroom in the past few months, you’ve surely already seen our salvaged wood wall. This work of art was created from a pile of discarded wood sitting at our wood warehouse. Artists and creatives visit our showroom weekly seeking old tin ceiling tiles, salvaged wood, old doors, glass paned windows, and salvaged hardware, to be used as a canvas for their unique works of art. We have THE most creative customers! We are always humbled by your passion and intrigued with your many unique ideas.

What’s your canvas? Summer is a great time to allow your creative juices to run rampant! We have a warehouse full of salvaged items waiting to be turned in to beautiful works of art. If you need a little inspiration, check out our Pinterest boards. We’ve pinned a lot of ideas to get you started. Stop by our showroom and talk with us about your next project.

We also LOVE to receive pictures of your finished works. If you have a picture to share, please send it to info@sa1969.com or feel free to post pictures to our Facebook page.

Written by: Lisa Jones

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