Life Reflections

This past Sunday was my 40th birthday! On this day, I watched my oldest son play a travel baseball tournament in Southhaven, Mississippi. I traveled to the Natchez trace to look at an 1860’s log cabin that a friend in Boston wants me to de-construct. I met “Nana” and was blessed by her wonderful hospitality. She showed my two boys and my niece around her farm and allowed us to feed and pet the horses, swing in a hammock, and drive a 4wheeler. She gave the children a piece of pottery she had hand-made, allowed them to use a flat bottom metal boat and paddle themselves around her pond, find a big snake and helped me select a location for the reconstruction of the 1860’s log cabin for her wonderful son, Mack. Afterwards, I drove back home to Alabama with these three amigos to eat Mexican food and play games, all while jamming to music with the windows rolled down.

Southern Accents Architectural Antiques

My 40th birthday was an #architecturaladventure that I will always cherish. My day was packed full of activities and fun, but today, of all days, I really wanted to find a moment to take a deep breath and reflect on what and who and where I am in life. I found that moment while rocking on the front porch with my 80 year young new friend, Nana. As we discussed our lives, rocking and talking at the top of a long sloped hill, I was able to view my children and niece truly playing, without electronics, and life seemed a million miles away. I thought of all the cool and interesting places, people, and events that I have been able to be associated with, but of my greatest achievements, those little ones in that boat are by far what make me the proudest! For them to call me Daddy and Uncle and say their prayers at night with me, while they hug me… well, it makes me swell up inside with pride. I am shaping their future with my time and love. I’ve come to realize that it doesn’t matter how big my bank account is or what position I hold, these things have little meaning if I fail to be part of their life. I have always wondered where I would be in life when I reached 40, and I can truly say that I am exactly where I am suppose to be – home with my family. I am blessed. #digmygig

Written by: Garlan Gudger

2 responses to “Life Reflections

  • Kirsten "mom"

    I enjoyed reading your article! Happy Birthday & it sounds like you had a wonderful weekend!💕 mom & dot

  • Beth Bryan

    Happy Birthday, Garlan! Sounds like we have each come to similar conclusions about the meaning of life over the past year. Taking my G fishing at the lake by our house is the highlight of my days now. It’s the little things. Enjoy #40! I’m not far behind.

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