The leaves have fallen and there’s a nip in the air which can only mean one thing… winter is just around the corner. It’s the time of year when fireplaces are lit and our attention is turned to decorating our homes for the holidays. For Southern Accents, this is the time of year when we get a lot of customers searching for mantels and mantel shelves. A great option that continues to gain popularity is the use of salvaged beams as a mantel shelf.

Salvaged wood beams at Southern Accents Architectural Antiques

These two salvaged wood beams have been cut to order and are ready for customer pickup!

Visit our Salvaged Wood Showroom and you will find a variety of salvaged wood beams. Each beam exhibits it’s own unique character. Some timbers may have a live edge, while others have different textures created by axe hewn marks or circular sawn marks of an early 1900’s sawmill. Our customers enjoy looking through our stacks of vintage beams and choosing the timber that “speaks” to them. Mantel shelves can be cut to any specific size or length on location. The beams can have a rough “dirty face” texture or can be lightly sanded to obtain a more tailored look. Many of our customers choose to leave the wood in it’s natural state while others will apply staining or waxing to the wood to bring out the color. Either way these mantel shelves add character and nostalgia to any fireplace surround.


We have an ever changing variety of salvaged wood beams and timbers to choose from. We can custom cut any beam to your size specification.

Recently we collaborated with a local artist who can hand carve designs into our salvaged beams. These works of art are stunning! We currently have two samples displayed in our showroom, but can also accept custom orders for most any design.


These two carved beams are currently on display in our showroom. We can accept orders on most any custom design.

Our Salvaged Wood Showroom is open during regular business hours and is located one mile down the road from our main showroom at 250 Janeway Drive in Cullman, AL. Stop by and let John show you our current selection of salvaged wood beams.

Southern Accents Architectural Antiques

Some timbers are available with a live edge.


This salvaged wood beam from Southern Accents hangs above the fireplace in the home of Kevin and Kristen Thomas.


This mantel shelf is one of many conversation pieces in these stunning home fill with architectural items and reclaimed lumber.

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