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Door Decorating Tip – Hand Painted Lettering

A fun decorating trend that we are seeing at Southern Accentsis adding a unique 1/2 glass door with lots of character to the pantry or bathroom. Most of our customers who come in looking for a pantry door are looking for a salvaged half glass or 1/3 glass door with unique glass. Textured, stained, or chicken wire glass doors have been a “hot” commodity in our showroom! The beauty of the textured glass is that it lets light into the pantry, but the texture helps to “hide” the contents just enough to camouflage a sometimes messy pantry from a visitors view! Finding half glass doors with existing textured or stained glass in the exact size that you need can sometimes be challenging, but have no fear… we have solutions for our customers. We can take a half glass door and replace existing clear glass with textured glass. We can also customize a solid, multi paneled door by cutting out the top panels and replacing them with textured glass. Another option is to have us custom build a pantry door to your size specifications!

Antique pantry door architectural salvage

A popular decorating tip, frequently requested by our customers, is the addition of custom, hand painted lettering. Local artist Laura Walker has been lending her talents to many of our customers by hand lettering words onto the glass. The most common addition has been to have the word “pantry” painted on the glass. Some customers have taken it further by including other messages or decorative elements. This trend is not limited to pantry doors only… we’re also seeing this as a popular option for bathroom doors. The opague or colored glass offers some privacy while the hand painting adds a touch of whimsey and uniqueness to the bathroom door.

architectural antique door, painted pantry door, Southern Accents

Local Artist Laura Walker lends her talents to many of our customers requesting custom hand lettering on the glass of their door.

If you are looking for a unique door with loads of character for your pantry or bath, you can view our current selection of salvaged and antique doors online at www.sa1969.com. Our inventory can change daily so visit our site often. Better yet, visit our showroom in person at 308 Second Ave SE in Cullman, Alabama. We can help you with your door selection or work up a custom quote to have a door customized or custom built to meet your specific needs.

Architectural antiques, salvaged doors, Southern Accents

Antique door, salvaged door, old door, pantry door

If Opportunity Doesn’t Knock… Build A Door!

If you’ve ever created anything with your own hands, you know how rewarding the end result can be. From decorating a cake, sewing a garment, painting a canvas, sculpting a piece of clay or building a door… it’s not what you create that matters, it’s that you took the opportunity to try the creative “process” that’s important. Stepping back and admiring your finished work brings a fulfilling sense of accomplishment. Even if the finished work has flaws or imperfections, each work is unique because it was hand crafted. Our Southern Accents wood workers always feel a sense of pride with each completed project, and they should. Josh and Roger typically pull out their phones and take a photo of each completed custom piece. Roger takes it one step further… he plans his vacation route each year so that he can stop and see at least one of the doors he has built, that is finished and installed on a customer’s home.

Southern Accents Architectural Antiques

This photo is one that Roger took a few years ago as he traveled to his favorite vacation spot, St. Simons Island. This set of beautiful, double arched entry doors are a custom pair that Roger built for one of our customers. When we build a set of custom doors, whether the customer picks them up or whether we deliver them, they leave our wood shop unfinished. Once the doors are in the owners hands, it is up to them to do the finishing work and installation, so we seldom get to see the fully finished product. While we always admire the beautiful hand work of our completed custom doors, having the opportunity to see the doors fully finished and installed brings about a whole new level of pride!

Southern Accents Architectural Antiques

Roger didn’t have to travel far to see this finished door… it is installed one door down from our showroom!


When building custom doors, Roger will keep track of the customers who are within a reasonable driving distance of his yearly vacation itinerary. He plans at least one stop each year to view one of his handiworks! He will stop and knock on the door in hopes that the owner will be home. When he can catch them at home, he explains that he is the one who built their door and will ask to take a photograph.

Southern Accents Architectural Antiques

Artists understand the fact that with each creation, we give a little piece of ourselves. Having an opportunity to hear the owners excitement, love, and appreciation for our creation heightens our reward and sense of accomplishment. Building a custom door by hand is a tedious, time consuming task. Our guys take a tremendous amount of care with each new job and are rightly proud of their work. If you are in the market for a door that is crafted by hand and truly one-of-a-kind, give us a call or stop by the showroom and let us show you what we can offer!

Southern Accents Architectural Antiques

Southern Accents Architectural Antiques

The door on the left is an antique door that we salvaged. The door on the right is a custom door that we built… we mimicked the style of the antique door, creating a new entry door for our customer.

Famous Doors

A few months ago we were contacted by our good friend, Rick Morgan. Rick is a contractor in Nashville who was doing some work for a new saloon just off Broadway on 2nd Ave North. The new saloon, Famous, which celebrated it’s grand opening this past November, is situated between Hard Rock Cafe and the Wildhorse Saloon.

Southern Accents Architectural Antiques

Acquiring new doors for Famous Saloon was no easy task. Rick was working under very strict guidelines by the Nashville Historical Society which required him to replicate, as closely as possible, the doors that were originally present on the Second Ave block. This meant that 3 sets of doors, close to 12 feet in height each, were needed for the entry. Rick realized that the only solution to finding doors the size and style needed was to have them custom made. Knowing that Southern Accents could handle the job, Rick gave us a call!

Southern Accents Architectural Antiques

After a bit of discussion with our wood workers, Josh and Roger, we accepted the challenge. Shortly after, work began on what is currently the largest set of doors that we have ever built. At 12 feet, not only are these doors exceptionally tall, they are extremely heavy. So heavy in fact, that our guys had to transport the 6 doors individually and had to set them in the frames on site! In addition to the exterior doors, we also built an unusual set of interior doors and provided material for the bar.

In speaking with Rick about the Famous doors he said, “The SA team knocked this one out of the park! The doors turned out better than I ever expected. Everyone here is beyond thrilled!” The next time you are in Nashville, stop by the Famous Saloon on 2nd Ave and enjoy the awesome atmosphere combined with great food and entertainment. And don’t forget to tell them that Southern Accents sent you!

Pocket This!

Southern Accents Architectural AntiquesLast week, Southern Accents delivered a huge salvaged steel fire door to Birmingham, Alabama. This particular door will be used in a new restaurant preparing to open in the Pepper Place Market. Pocket, or sliding doors, have become extremely popular for both residential and commercial use. While one typically thinks of pocket doors being used for pantries or bathrooms, “exterior” sliding doors, or barn doors, provide a great solution for covering almost any existing opening. Not only do these doors provide a practical option, but they can become an integral part of a rooms decor.

Many of our customers, when looking for a pocket or sliding door, are surprised when we tell them that many regular doors can be used as a sliding door. The only difference in a sliding door and regular swinging door is a simple change in hardware. When looking for a suitable door you need to make sure that one side of the door will slide flush against the wall. The door also needs to be at least 2 inches wider on each side and 3 to 4 inches taller than the opening to ensure that it is fully covered and will not show any daylight creeping out the edges.

Southern Accents Architectural Antiques

This metal fire door, originally from Chicago, was purchased from Southern Accents and is one of many sliding doors used in the renovation of this house in Horton, Alabama.

While we do occasionally have salvaged tracks available for the sliding doors, we recommend purchasing the tracks from a hardware store. Locally, the slider tracks can be purchased from Tractor Supply. You can also purchase the tracks, also referred to as barn door hardware, online from companies like Rustica Hardware.

When searching for the perfect sliding door, one other option to consider is a custom made door. Our in house wood shop allows us the ability to custom make your door to any size specification! Choose your wood from our showroom of salvaged and reclaimed wood. We can even assist you with the design of your new door. Stop by our showroom or give us a call at 877 737-0554 and request an appointment with Garlan or Ben and let us help you design your new door!

This door from Southern Accents Architectural Antiques adds character to the Brandino Brass showroom

This door from Southern Accents Architectural Antiques adds character to the Brandino Brass showroom

Salvaged door from Southern Accents installed in a bedroom as a sliding door.

This salvaged door from Southern Accents was converted to a sliding door and installed in a bedroom.

Where Does It All Come From?

Not a day passes at Southern Accents that someone doesn’t walk through our showroom door and ask where we find all of our inventory or how do we find the structures that we salvage. That is somewhat of a difficult question to answer being that there is no one answer that covers all the places. Walking through our showroom, each piece has it’s own story of where it came from and how it found its way to us.

Southern Accents Architectural Antiques

Southern Accents has been in existence since 1969. We are the oldest and largest architectural salvage business in Alabama. Throughout the past 46 years our business has continued to grow and expand, reaching customers throughout the nation. The past several years we have actively marketed exactly what we do which is to rescue, restore, protect and document architectural elements of historical significance. Because of our increasing presence in the salvage industry, we are often approached by property owners when they have an antique structure that needs to be rescued. As there becomes a greater awareness of how salvaged architectural elements can be reused or repurposed, more property owners realize the importance of rescuing material from structures that need to be taken down and will contact us.

At times, we will hear of an old house or building that is scheduled for demolition and we will reach out to the property owner to state our interest in salvaging the structure before it is demolished. We also plan several “picking” trips each year. Over the years we have established relationships with collectors throughout the country who are familiar with the specific type of architectural items that we restore. We contact them ahead of time and plan a buying trip. We are always looking for new resources and quite often will make pit stops during a buying trip to check out inventory from potential new sources.

One of our most recent salvage projects, an 1894 house in South Carolina

One of our most recent salvage projects, an 1894 house in South Carolina

Many of the items that we have, specifically a lot of the small antiques, come to us by way of our customers! We get calls and e-mails weekly from our customers who are cleaning or renovating a structure and have items that they can’t bear to throw away. We love the fact that Southern Accents is becoming synonymous with the word salvage. We hope to be the first thought everyone thinks when they have architectural salvage that they need to part with.

Visit our showroom and you will find a selection of small antique items and salvaged art created by local artists from salvaged goods.

Visit our showroom and you will find a selection of small antique items and salvaged art created by local artists from salvaged goods.

If you have architectural elements that you think we may be interested in, send a picture of your items, detailed information, any known history, and dimensions to info@sa1969.com. Specific items that we may be interested in are antique clawfoot tubs, farmhouse sinks, solid wood doors, mantels, corbels, decorative trim, fretwork, newel posts, and wrought iron as well as salvaged barn wood and beams. All emailed submissions will be reviewed and we will contact you if interested.

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