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Fayetteville, Tennessee Historic Home

We get asked all the time, “What is the best piece you’ve ever salvaged?”. Luckily for us, that changes all the time! We are so lucky to be in this business and love what we do. On Monday, Garlan and his Dad took a road trip to Tennessee to look at some doors. Usually, this turns out to be a fine experience. Drive a few hours, spend time together, and pick up something pretty great for the store. This trip was no exception. There were some really nice doors. Then, we see the reason why we do this job. We found a door that is absolutely the best door we have ever seen in our 43 years of business! The Victorian home was built in 1884.

This unit is complete with the door frame, outside casing, original etched glass, exterior heavy trim sidelights and circular top
Mahogany door unit with original hardware
Complete history available of the original establishment upon purchase
If you want a piece of the South , this has it all!

Door dimensions: 2 1/4″ thick x 44″ wide x 9’4″ tall left hand in-swing with original hardware
Frame – depth 15″
frame with trim – width 65″ and height 13′ tall

$$18,750.00 door, frame, transom and trim

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