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The Lovely Miss Heather

The Lovely Miss Heather

Southern Accents Architectural Antiques Ask Southern Accents owner, Garlan Gudger, and he will confess, without hesitation, that one of his greatest accomplishments in life has been marrying his beautiful wife Heather. Heather is not only his partner in life, but his partner in business. Heather has always been heavily involved in the decision making but now that their two young sons are in school, she has taken on a more active role in the day to day operation of the business. If you attended the Birmingham Home & Garden show this past February or most recently The Chapel Market in Montgomery, you probably saw Heather hard at work in the Southern Accents booth. Visit our showroom and most days you will see her working with customers or spiffing up the showroom floor or front windows.

Southern Accents Architectural Antiques While hard at work around the showroom, Heather is also very active in the community. This past year she was instrumental in helping plan and implement large community events such as Celebrate Cullman. She also stayed busy planning a few of our own events such as the 2013 Alley Party and our “Painting For A Purpose” fund raising event which is a new venture near and dear to her heart.

Heather has been at the forefront of Southern Accents latest ventureā€¦ forming a non-profit charitable organization. The charitable organization, aptly named SA323, is a team effort. The SA is short for Salvage Assurance while the 323 is based on Colossians 3:23, a Bible verse that we have adopted, as a team, as our work ethic. Funds from our Painting For A Purpose community art event held last month will be used during the holiday season to help a group of children in our community who are in need, assuring that they each receive at least one present this Christmas. Future fund raising events and charitable opportunities are in the works.

When asked why setting up a non-profit charitable organization was important to her, Heather replied, “Garlan and I are passionate about giving back. We’ve been blessed and believe that giving back to those in need is the right thing to do. We consistently have people cross our paths that are going through a hard time and need a little help to see them through. But, we did not want this to be just about us. We wanted this to be a team effort. Future projects will be a joint decision between our awesome Southern Accents team members. Everyone’s on board with this venture!”

If you have not had the opportunity to meet “the lovely Miss Heather” be sure and ask for her when you visit our showroom or look for her at any of our upcoming events!

Written by: Lisa Jones
Southern Accents Webmaster/Marketing

Chadder & CO., U.S.A. – Elegant Baths

Chadder & CO. U.S.A.Antique claw foot tubs and bath fixtures present a feeling of luxury and decadence that many of our customers desire. In 2001, Southern Accents began looking for a line of replicated bath fixtures when the demand for the antique and salvaged bath fixtures quickly outgrew our supply of antique products. After much research, we found exactly what we were looking for with Chadder & CO.’s line of high-end, traditional and antique plumbing products. We began a conversation with Chadder & CO.’s owner and designer, Martin Chadder, which lead to Southern Accents purchasing the exclusive U.S.A. distribution rights for this exquisite line.

With the purchase of exclusive distributions rights in the U.S., Chadder and CO. U.S.A. was formed. Southern Accents is thrilled to be able to offer our customers a choice when it comes to bath products. By continuing to offer the antique cast iron tubs and sinks, Southern Accents also has access to this high end line of luxury baths which allow us to meet the expanding needs of our customers.

One thing that sets Chadder apart is the availability of baths that have the look of the antique cast iron tubs but with improved features afforded from the development of a new material and manufacturing process. Martin Chadder is recognized as one of Britain’s finest traditional bathroom designers, famed for his cast metal designs as well as his commissioned works. Having close ties to the yachting and marine industry, Martin used developments in marine technology to produce a new material, Chaddite, that provides a sound, solid bath product. The use of this material allows him to manufacture tubs that have the look and feel of cast iron at a fraction of the weight, which allows the tubs to be more easily transported. The Chaddite tubs have a Teflon coating, making them easy to clean. They are also warm to the touch with good thermal properties that better retain the heat in the water. These qualities take luxury bath design and performance to a new level.

Chadder & CO., U.S.A.In addition to the spectacular tubs, Chadder & CO., U.S.A. offers a line of exquisite basins, taps and faucets, mirrors, and bath accessories. Visit Chadder & CO., U.S.A. online to view our expanding line. You can call Southern Accents showroom at 877 737-0554 and speak with one of our sales staff to inquire about any of our products. Come talk to us and let us help you design your new bath!

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