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If Opportunity Doesn’t Knock… Build A Door!

If you’ve ever created anything with your own hands, you know how rewarding the end result can be. From decorating a cake, sewing a garment, painting a canvas, sculpting a piece of clay or building a door… it’s not what you create that matters, it’s that you took the opportunity to try the creative “process” that’s important. Stepping back and admiring your finished work brings a fulfilling sense of accomplishment. Even if the finished work has flaws or imperfections, each work is unique because it was hand crafted. Our Southern Accents wood workers always feel a sense of pride with each completed project, and they should. Josh and Roger typically pull out their phones and take a photo of each completed custom piece. Roger takes it one step further… he plans his vacation route each year so that he can stop and see at least one of the doors he has built, that is finished and installed on a customer’s home.

Southern Accents Architectural Antiques

This photo is one that Roger took a few years ago as he traveled to his favorite vacation spot, St. Simons Island. This set of beautiful, double arched entry doors are a custom pair that Roger built for one of our customers. When we build a set of custom doors, whether the customer picks them up or whether we deliver them, they leave our wood shop unfinished. Once the doors are in the owners hands, it is up to them to do the finishing work and installation, so we seldom get to see the fully finished product. While we always admire the beautiful hand work of our completed custom doors, having the opportunity to see the doors fully finished and installed brings about a whole new level of pride!

Southern Accents Architectural Antiques

Roger didn’t have to travel far to see this finished door… it is installed one door down from our showroom!


When building custom doors, Roger will keep track of the customers who are within a reasonable driving distance of his yearly vacation itinerary. He plans at least one stop each year to view one of his handiworks! He will stop and knock on the door in hopes that the owner will be home. When he can catch them at home, he explains that he is the one who built their door and will ask to take a photograph.

Southern Accents Architectural Antiques

Artists understand the fact that with each creation, we give a little piece of ourselves. Having an opportunity to hear the owners excitement, love, and appreciation for our creation heightens our reward and sense of accomplishment. Building a custom door by hand is a tedious, time consuming task. Our guys take a tremendous amount of care with each new job and are rightly proud of their work. If you are in the market for a door that is crafted by hand and truly one-of-a-kind, give us a call or stop by the showroom and let us show you what we can offer!

Southern Accents Architectural Antiques

Southern Accents Architectural Antiques

The door on the left is an antique door that we salvaged. The door on the right is a custom door that we built… we mimicked the style of the antique door, creating a new entry door for our customer.

Appointment Please

As creative souls, we love the opportunity to sit down with our customers and give input on design ideas of your various projects. Whether it is a home renovation using salvaged materials, a specific custom creation, such as a table or door, the use of salvaged materials in restaurant decor or stage design, we enjoy being involved in the design process. While we would love to be able to sit down and spend one-on-one time with every customer, during our regular business hours, it is just not always possible. However, while Southern Accents showroom is closed to the public on Sundays and Mondays, we are available on Mondays for this creative process by appointment!

Southern Accents Architectural Antiques

If you’ve ever lived in a small town, you already know regular business hours are typically a little “different!” For Cullman, Alabama, that means that most businesses downtown, even a lot of the local restaurants, are closed on Mondays. Since most of the downtown businesses open on Saturday, Sunday and Monday are needed to allow owners and employees an opportunity to rest so that we can continue to work hard throughout the week. Most weeks, however, we will have a few out-of-town customers not familiar with this small town practice, travel to Cullman, only to be disappointed that we are closed. Even though our showroom is closed on Mondays, you can call ahead and book an appointment for a one-on-one consultation with Southern Accents owner, Garlan Gudger or sales team member Ben Sellers. Those seeking an appointment are asked to call at least one to two weeks in advance to inquire on appointment availability. Making a Monday appointment allows us the opportunity to focus our full attention on your project without the distractions of the day to day business during the rest of the week.

Once you’ve booked an appointment we encourage you to come prepared! Some of the things you will want to bring with you for your appointment include blueprints, exact measurements, sketches, and design ideas. If you have pictures of what you want your project to look like, print them off or have them organized on a Pinterest board that we can look at. If your project involves using salvaged materials for home, office or restaurant decor or possibly a stage design, have a sketch and measurements of the room or stage layout. The better prepared you are, the more progress we can make during your appointment.

During your appointment, you will be able to sit down with Garlan or Ben and discuss your project. If you are ready to look at materials, you will be able browse our selection of architectural antiques and salvaged goods in our showroom as well as our warehouses. If you are ready to make a purchase, you will also have the opportunity to purchase materials that day so come prepared to haul your wares home!

Ready for some one-on-one time? Call our showroom at 877 737-0554 during our regular business hours of Tuesday – Friday 9am to 5pm and Saturday 10am to 4pm. Makenzie will take your request and contact information and then get back with you to schedule your appointment! We look forward to working with you on your next project!

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