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#Hashtag This!

It’s been said that a picture paints a thousand words. We agree… pictures tell stories. They capture a moment in time, preserving them for future generations. We love telling stories, preserving history and the part that pictures play in doing both. This is one of the reasons why we love Instagram. If you are on Instagram we would like for you to follow our Southern Accents adventures! If you are not on Instagram… what are you waiting for?

Southern Accents Architectural Antiques

In the past few months, Southern Accents has traveled to Nashville, Atlanta, Asheville, Washington D.C. and all over the state of Alabama. We’ve been featured in ALABAMA and NO’ALA Magazine, was a curator for Southern Makers, built a stage for “NASA On The Square” and created awards for Main Street Alabama. And… we’ve salvaged some pretty cool structures along the way! Following our Instagram feed gives you instant access via pictures to our latest travels, events, and salvage finds. To make it even more interesting… we are going to have a contest!!

Here are the rules:

  1. Follow Southern Accents on Instagram! You will find us at@saaa1969
  2. Tag us! @saaa1969
    • If you visit our showroom, see us at an event or out on the road, make sure you snap a pic, post and tag.
    • If you have purchased from us in the past, we want you to post pictures of your finished projects.
    • We love gorgeous architecture. Snap a picture of your favs and tag us so we can enjoy the view as well.
    • We also love pictures of “forgotten” structures. Beautiful old homes, barns, and buildings that are time worn and have a story to tell.
  3. Each week we will pick one winner from all pictures tagged @saaa1969 and notify you by commenting on your post. Prizes will vary. The first prize is a $25 gift certificate. Winner will be announced on Tuesday, September 30th.If your picture screams Southern Accents… we want to see it! Ready, set, SNAP!!

SA #Hashtags

Southern Accents has several hashtags that we use on a regular basis. In addition to following @saaa1969, look up our frequently used hashtags!

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Written by: Lisa Jones

Take A Back Road

This past weekend, a good friend of Southern Accents hit the road, heading south from Cullman to Mobile, Alabama. Instead of taking the quicker, easier route down the interstate, Patty decided to travel the backroads. It was a gorgeous day and she was in no real hurry to reach her destination so she and her husband embarked on a road trip, camera in hand, with the sole purpose of stopping along the way to admire anything that caught her attention. We thought this was such a great idea. Patty, like Southern Accents, loves antiques and sees beauty in the old, rusty, and worn out. We were thrilled that she took the time to share with us some of the discoveries that she made while traveling down old Highway 31.

Southern Accents Architectural Antiques

The masonry work and facade of this antique hardware store is beautiful. We couldn’t help but notice the old rusty hand plow sitting on the roof! A wonderful reminder of simpler times. Stopping to admire and appreciate the beauty of these historic buildings is something that we seldom take the time to do. Once these buildings and structures are gone, they take with them a piece of our history which is why it is so important to picture them and document their history while they are still standing.

Southern Accents Architectural Antiques

The architecture on this old bank building in Brewton, Alabama is stunning. Known today as being the oldest bank in the state of Alabama, it was established in 1889 by a Civil War veteran and was the only bank between Montgomery and Mobile at the time. The interior boasts counters constructed of curled pine which is native to that area.

It doesn’t matter what back road you take and you don’t even have to travel far… all you really have to do is take the time to stop and look around. Train yourself to look for the historical relics that you pass along the way to anywhere. Pull over and take a few moments to admire the workmanship. And, if you picture something interesting that you would like to share, we would love to see it! Please feel free to share your pictures on our Facebook page or tag us on Instagram with #saaa1969.

Pictures above courtesy of Patty Hutchens


Speaking of Instagram, the boss was out of town last week, but posted some stunning pictures from his trip to Washington D.C. on our Instagram page. If you are not following Southern Accents on Instagram, you are missing out! Look us up and follow us at: saaa1969 to view more pictures from our latest road trip!

Gorgeous church entrance in Washington D.C.

Gorgeous church entrance in Washington D.C.

Plaster ceiling from Bureau of Engraving building in Washington D.C.

Plaster ceiling from Bureau of Engraving building in Washington D.C.

Door knob from the Smithsonian

Door knob from the Smithsonian

Are You Socially Plugged In?

Southern Accents, realizing the important role social media now plays in marketing and communication, has worked really hard over this past year to build a presence via a variety of social media outlets. While most of you are probably familiar with social media, some of you may still be hesitant to jump on board! We would like to introduce you to the various outlets that we are using, familiarize you with how we are using them and encourage you to “plug in” and follow along with us!

Newsletter – Our primary source and best method of communication is through our weekly newsletter. Our goal is to provide a variety of interesting content that will entertain, educate, enlighten, and encourage our readers. We appreciate all the feedback that we receive and encourage you to share our writings with others. If you are a new subscriber, you can view back issues online by visiting our Newsletter page.

Southern Accents BlogBlog – Each week we take the main content from our newsletter and post it to our blog. At times we will expand on a story or add additional photos to the blog post. With our blog, we have created a searchable database of information related to architectural salvage. Many of our stories contain historical data that is now publicly recorded for future use. We encourage you to subscribe to our blog. It’s easy… just visit the blog, scroll down and look for the “Follow Blog via E-mail” on the right hand side. Add your e-mail address and click the “Follow” button.

Southern Accents on FacebookFacebook – Although Facebook has made many changes over the past year that has directly affected our ability to communicate with our followers, Facebook is still a driving force in the social media market. We use Facebook to alert our followers to new architectural and antique finds as they are added to our showroom. We also share DIY and decorating ideas, local events, and more. There are a few things you can do to ensure that you see our posts. 1) Go to our Facebook page and mouse over the like button. Check “Get Notifications”. 2) You can also mouse over the like button and click on “Settings”. You can then select “All Updates”. 3) Mouse over the like button and add us to an “Interest” list. It can be an existing list that you have already created or you can create one just for us!

Southern Accents on PinterestPinterest – Pinterest is an online “pin board” that allows us to post and share our own original pictures and ideas as well as ideas from all the incredibly talented and creative folks who are finding unique ways to repurpose salvaged goods. If you love salvaged goods as much as we do, we encourage you to visit and follow our boards. Pinterest is a great resource for DIY enthusiasts!

Southern Accents on TwitterTwitter – We use Twitter to send out short notices and reminders of events that Southern Accents is involved in. We also “tweet” about new arrivals to our showroom. If you are a twitter user please follow us! We don’t want you to miss a thing!

Southern Accents on InstagramInstagram – They say a picture paints a thousand words and we would have to agree! We have so many beautiful pieces in our showroom and we love to share our pictures with you! If you have a smart phone but haven’t discovered Instagram we invite you to check it out. Instagram allows users to capture and share the world’s moments with snapshots. Follow Southern Accents on Instagram: @saaa1969

We appreciate our customers. You allow us to continue to do what we love: rescue, restore and protect architectural elements of historical significance. Follow us online or visit our showroom! We are open Tuesday – Friday from 9am to 5pm and Saturdays from 10am to 4pm. Closed Sunday and Monday.

Written by:
Lisa Jones
Southern Accents Webmaster/Marketing

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