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You light up my life

Lighting has always been my favorite part of building a house. I always go through and find my favorite fixtures and then cut back to make my budget.  I have a couple of chandeliers in my house that came from Southern Accents….when I move, I will take them with me. The rest…I could care less. I get lost on Pinterest looking at spaces with gorgeous detail. I always love the ones with chandeliers. You can find them in cabins, lofts, mansions and even in doll houses. They make a room. I have a few picked out at the store that if they aren’t sold soon, they will go into my I’m-saving-this-for-my-next-house storage. I would have one in every room!! I hope you enjoy the enchantment they create and if you “need” one yourself…give us a call! We will gladly give you a tour of our showrooms or we can take each piece and delicately package it to ship straight to your doorstep!!

As always, to see more of our selection, check out our website or facebook page!

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