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Lucy’s Lockets

If you’ve never had the opportunity to visit Southern Accents then you may not know that we are SO much more than large architectural antiques. We are a happy haven for artists, photographers, decorators, builders and crafty do-it-yourselfers! This is the first in a series that we are doing to introduce you to some of the artistic people that we work with.

Meet Lucy Farmer! Lucy has worked with Southern Accents the past couple of years and was instrumental in launching our social media marketing campaigns. Lucy still works with us on marketing and branding projects and is currently helping design our booth for the big Home and Garden Show next February in Birmingham, Alabama. Lucy recently started her own blog, Lucy’s Inspired, where she is chronicling her building project of what she calls her ‘Hansel & Gretel’ home. Lucy has a love for everything old, vintage and antique and is also socially conscious of the need to recycle used materials whenever possible.  It was no surprise when she came to Southern Accents seeking salvaged materials for her building project.

When Lucy is not working on her cottage you might find her working on her line of vintage inspired jewelry, Lucy Lockets. Lucy started making  jewelry several years ago as a hobby. She was drawn to old vintage and antique pieces of hardware and other items she would find lying around and decided to turn them into wearable art. Lucy frequents antique stores and vintage markets looking for small pieces that she can incorporate into  her designs. She even admitted to finding and using ‘junky’ items lying on the side of the road! When asked what inspires her, she said that each old item tells a story. Often pieces will remind her of something she saw as a child in her grandmother’s home. She hopes that her jewelry will evoke the same fond memories for those wearing it.

Lucy stopped by the store this week with several of her latest creations. Each piece is a one-of-a-kind work of art. When asked her reaction the very first time she walked in to Southern Accents she said, “I thought I had hit the jackpot”. This is the perfect place to search for old pieces for my designs”.

Lucy has been spending a little more time lately on her jewelry creations even custom designing pieces for some of her clients. “I love to take a personal item, like an old piece of jewelry from someone’s grandmother, and incorporate it into a custom design.” Lucy also loves the fact that she can create her jewelry at home which gives her more time to spend with her children.

If you want to read more about the Hansel and Gretel cottage or about Lucy’s Lockets, you can follow Lucy on her blog, Lucy’s Inspired. We’re inspired by Lucy and share her passion for preserving the past any way we can.

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