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The Gym full of Salvaged Wood!

For some reason, it was months after I started working at Southern Accents before I made it out to the gym. I had heard about it. Garlan and Kolby had taken many customers out there while I was left behind to “answer the phone and greet customers”. I guess this was before I knew very much! Wait, I still am clueless on a lot of things! It’s ok, that’s part of the fun! Learning something new is one of my favorite things to do! Since then, I go ALL the time! Not really, but I have been more than once or twice.

You will not believe it when you see the pictures I took. There is 15,000 square feet of wood, doors, bathtubs, saws, and buckling gym floors! “OH MY WORD!!”, is exactly what I said when I went in! It’s fantastic! I could spend hours out there! I need a tour guide, though. I need someone to tell me what kind of wood each and every piece is. I also want to know where it came from… all has a story! There are hand hewn beams, skins from beams, 20ft. long beams! There is pine, maple, oak, cedar, cypress, hickory…some are harder to come by than others. Of course, this makes them even more special!

I have had red barn wood on my mind for a couple of years to make frames. Guess what?? We got in some from a barn in Germantown, Ohio. I couldn’t WAIT to see it! I went out there this week and took some pictures. We’ve already sold some for an interior wall. How cool is that? I hope she sends us pictures when she’s finished with it! I would love to do that in my little boy’s room. So fun.

Next time you are in Cullman, come by Southern Accents and get someone to take you to the gym. You might be building a house from the ground up and need flooring or something cool on your walls or ceiling. You might be adding on to an older home and need to match up your floors. Or maybe you just want to make something cool from wood from the 1800’s. Whatever your reason, we have over 20,000 square feet of lumber….all of it salvaged from another life. Just ask, we usually know the story behind all of it!

Don’t forget if you want to see more samples of the wood at the gym, you can look on our website or our facebook page! We try to keep both of those updated! Call the store if you want to make an appointment to “browse” through the gym!


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Hours: Mon – Fri 9 to 5, Sat 10 to 4 cst


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